Olena Kolotova is an Ukrainian artist living and working in Kiev.

Studding drawing and painting at the Art Studio at the Central House of Artists headed by the famous Artist of Ukraine Nikolay Groh.

Olenas art teachers are Honorable artists of Ukraine Victor Levchenko, Anatoly Tverdoy and Vera Krutilina.

She works in the watercolor and oil techniques in the realistic style. Prefer landscape and still life.

The participation in the plain airs and exhibitions:

  • August 2019 International and All-Ukrainian Watercolor Exhibition “DNI-PRO” in the Cherkasy Regional Art Museum, Ukraine June 2019 International Watercolor Exhibition “Miniwatercolor” in Kiev
  • May 2019 International Watercolor Exhibition & Contest «Watercolor Monologues» in Lviv, Ukraine
  • May 2019 group exhibition in Urbino in Acquerello festival 2019 in Italy
  • April 2019 The 1st International watercolor exhibition “Make the watercolor great again” in Bucharest Romania
  • April 2019 group exhibition in the Central artist’s building in Kiev
  • March 2019 group exhibition “Colors of the World” in the Central artist’s building in Kiev. The work “White guard” was chosen among the top 20 at the exhibition and presented at the Slovac Embassy in Kiev
  • December 2018 personal exhibition in National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after N. M. Amasova AMS of Ukraine in Kiev
  • October 2018 group exhibition “Summer memories” in The Museum of Lesi Ukrainki in Kiev
  • March 2018 group exhibition in the Central artist’s building in Kiev
  • Summer 2017 and 2018 participation in two weeks group plain airs in the Carpathian Mountains in Pilipets and Podobovets in Ukraine